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Hi, my name is BJ and chances are you've probably seen my video testimonial on the Profit Lance website and you have also seen how much money I'm making. There's no reason you can't do the same and I want to help make sure of it.

There is no doubt in my mind what so ever that Profit lance will show you how to make money online, but there are many obstacles your going to face in order to do it or to get to where I am at. What I mean is, there's allot of information, tools and resources in this course that your going to have to get familiarized with before you can become successful. Yes you will earn money but to make a living out of it your going to really need to understand how everything works.

Thats where I come in. When I joined a little over a year ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself in, I just wanted out of the freakin poor life style I was in and Profit lance looked like the answer. After joining I realized there was going to be allot of learning to do. But I can tell you right now, it was worth every ounce of energy. Well, to cut the story short, I want things to be easier and quicker for you, I want to help show you the short cuts and teach you along the way when you need it. No, there's nothing it for me, besides earning a commission when you join... Yes, I do earn a commission $42.13 with each person to be exact and so will you when you learn how inside this course. You can sign up for Profit Lance by going rite to the site or you can do it through me and have someone there to help you when you need it. I help other Profit Lance members everyday and there's no reason I wouldn't do the same for you, if I have to take 5 minutes out of my day to help you, no big deal. In-fact, if you have any questions I'm probably online right now/

I know there's other successful Profit Lance members as well and you might have even visited their website too! Here's a List of them in-fact and what they offer if you join through them. Carl is a great guy, I've talked to Carl a few times and know that he has been a Profit Lance member a little longer then I have. Carl has some really great bonuses like the The Lazy Adsense Income, 60,000 High Paying Adsense Keyword List or even Website Starter Guide. But the truth is, you already get all these bonuses when you join Profit Lance. Carl doesn't provide you with any extra added benefits. I am 100% confident the Rich-Jerk owns this website and all he wants you to do is buy something other then Profit Lance so he can earn a measily $30-$40 dollars giving you no benefit at all. He has no interest in helping you or even caring if you make money or not by offering you bogus wanabe Profit Lance programs. This guy (James) does absolutely Nothing for you AT ALL! Take a look yourself, even look at his website address (Do This Now) seems kind of bossy to me. Now this person, I'm not sure of his or her name, but I know for a fact that their also a successful Profit lance member from reading articles and forums post. This person is also giving you Bonuses that you will already receive once your a Profit lance member. I'm sure they mean well, but honestly they didn't spend enough time thinking about whats really in it for you. Then there's me. I'll give you the help you need when you need it, because yes there will be times you will want to talk to someone that knows what they are doing. Plus, I'll give you FREE advise,, website templates, over $500 worth of FREE advertising credits, infamous Rich-Jerk ebook, short cuts and whats most important of all is making sure you make money.

I hate to be such an ass and make everyone else look like well, sh*@! But I'm being honest here and I'm truly looking out for you because I was once in your shoes and I know exactly how it feels to feel broke and want out of the situation or even just want to make a few extra bucks a month. I also know there are other Profit Lance members aswell and you've probably been to their sites too, but the fact is, no one absolutely no one will offer you the kind of help you'll need to start an online business. Everyone else is just hoping you join through them so they can make $42 bucks and never have to here from you again. Don't let that happen to you, Don't just sign up for Profit Lance, sign up with me first. Here's more PROOF that I know What I'm Talking About and that Profit Lance did teach me to earn this kind of money online.

Don't just go sign up, sign up with me first. I have over 340 other Profit Lance members that have joined through me and say they wouldn't have done any other way. Every single day I get emails from other members practically begging me for help because they didn't sign up through me and as much as I'd love to, I really have to save my time to help the people that did join under me. Please don't let that happen to you. Why would you even need my help you might ask? Good question and I can answer it quickly by saying "would you go into a car repair business if you didn't have any experience and no one to help you figure things out?" Probably Not!


I am so certain that you can earn the same kind of money I'm making just as long as you give it a fair amount of effort. All you have to do, once you become a member is just learn, learn, learn. No one is going to hand you a silver plater it's all up to you what you do with the information. Everything you need is in this course. What you can expect is a first class education- how to run a successful online business. Obviously you must know by now that millions of people shop online everyday. Well, Profit Lance will teach you how to sell what these people are looking for. But there's many ways to going about monetizing that traffic and selling is only one way out of many. Once you understand the principles and methods one needs to know in order to make money online, then it's just a matter of time before you become as wealthy as you like. I'd love to go on and on all day long about the kind of information and knowledge you'll benefit from using this course, but I can just promise you that you will have every thing you need to make money online in this course, all the information, tools and resources are in it. It's just up to you what you do with it.
You get unlimited LIFE-TIME Access to the members area, if you do it through me, you get help whenever you need it!

Clear concise to the point videos to make learning easier then ever. You'll become a pro at creating and building your own websites/pages before you know it and there's really nothing to building your own websites, you'll see. You can make money no matter where you are in the world. If people spend money where you live, then they also spend money online where you live. Make money any where! 14 FREE websites to start you learning how the process of making money online works. Once you figure it out, there's no telling how much money you'll make. Over $500 worth of FREE advertising credits with Yahoo sponsor results. I use Yahoo to make over $300 per day and even though I can't compete with Mike (Owner of Profit Lance) I'm completely satisfied with that amount. with these free credits you'll learn on someone else's expensive instead of your own. An information database that shows you how to build online income streams using multiple resources. You will learn life time skills. I am a good example at what this course can also provide you. Plus you also receive many other extras as-well, it doesn't stop after you become a member. The only one reason why someone wouldn't make money with Profit Lance is because they don't have someone to tutor them when they need it. If you've tried other programs in the past, then you'll understand exactly what I'm saying. Other then that Profit Lance will work for anyone. ... This course is just absolutely amazing.
John Griffin
Profit Lance is Amazing... My name is John and I have been a Profit Lance member for a little over 2 months now and it is an absolutely phenomenal course. I see great things in the future of anyone that decides to use this line on Internet Marketing information. Thanks for all your help and advise Paul, i really do appreciate it!
Bangor, Maine

I have many more more bonuses, short-cuts and extras to give you.
My relationship with you doesn't stop after you leave this page, it's just beginning. This is what you should do immediately, don't hesitate any longer TAKE ACTION NOW! Use the button bellow "Click It' and head on over to the Profit Lance website go straight to the order form and as soon as your finished email me if I haven't already emailed you.. Once your in the members area dig in, because your going to absolutely love what your getting. The first thing you should do is fill in all your information so your able to get paid, then go sign up with the Google Adsense program so you can get a check from them too, don't worry anyone can sign up for Adsense and doesn't cost a dime to do it. Then you can sit back, get yourself some coffee or a soda and watch a few videos that Mike has made for you and begin to understand how everything works.


Take Advantage of This Oppertunity Now!   P.S P.S Don't forget, when you join Profit Lance you'll get 14 FREE Websites and completly well set up Google Adsense business and I'm giving you over $500 in Yahoo advertising credits, Rich-Jerk ebook, Craiglist secrets and whats most important is the tutoring and help you will receive from me when you need it   P.P.S If you have questions or want to know more? Please don't hesitate to contact me. You won't find anyone else willing to go this far out of the way to make sure you get exactly what you want.   By. B. Johnson